Understanding & Managing Workers’ Compensation Claim Fraud Risk

Workers’ Compensation Claims Specialists, Disability Managers, Human Resource Professionals, Health & Safety Professionals, Business Owners:  have you ever believed that your business has fallen victim to a fraudulent workers’ compensation claim?  If so, you are not alone. What if you could have identified the risk presented by that claim and taken measures to deter the fraud before it even occurred?  In fact, you could have done exactly that.

ForensIQ Risk Intelligence is now accepting registrants for a new and unique employer training seminar: Understanding & Managing Workers’ Compensation Claim Fraud Risk. This two-day course is designed to teach you how to defend your business against the costs of workers’ compensation claim fraud.  Costs that include increased workers’ compensation premiums, lost productivity, overtime, recruiting, retraining, and administrative costs to name a few. This seminar will increase your workers’ compensation claims risk IQ empowering you to Predict, Deter and Detect claim fraud.

What you will learn
• The principles of workers’ compensation in Canada and how they relate to claim fraud risk
• To define and understand workers’ compensation claim fraud
• To understand the five types of compensation claim fraud
• To understand the psychology of fraud and when it is more likely to occur
• How predictive analytics can be used to determine claims fraud risk
• To implement best practices, strategies and initiatives designed to deter claim fraud
• To identify signs of developing fraud in ongoing claims and react decisively
• When and how to contract and manage the services of a private investigator

Your return on investment
It has been estimated that for every day a worker earning $100 per day spends on workers’ compensation claim that the financial impact on the employer is between $500 and $700**.  This is equally true for legitimate and fraudulent claims alike meaning that an investment in training focused on managing claim fraud will pay for itself if only two or three days of time loss due to fraud are saved each year.  

(** Source: Crawford and Company – White Paper on the Canadian Workers’ Compensation System)


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