Providing innovative Technology, Training and Consulting solutions for employers to reduce their workers’ compensation claim fraud risk exposure.    

Empowering employers to defend against the human and financial costs of workers’ compensation claims fraud and cost overrun.

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Workers’ Compensation Claim Fraud in Canada

Increase your understanding of why ForensIQ's unique services and application are important to all businesses and workers in Canada.

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Lead by Dave Chittick - Alberta Special Constable & WCB Special Investigator (retired) - Licensed Private Investigator (retired)

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Why Partner With Us?

ForensIQ Risk Intelligence is Innovative, Process Driven, Claim Fraud Risk Management Solutions

The ForensIQ Process:
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Step 1. Deter fraud before claims are reported.  When you implement our innovative On Time Every Time (OTET) injury reporting initiative you can significantly reduce the opportunity risk associated with claim fraud.  Less opportunity risk = less risk of fraud.

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Step 2. Predict which claims present the greatest risk of fraud.   Using ForensIQ Scout, our proprietary online predictive analytics application allows you to assess newly reported claims for their relative fraud risk.  Armed with this information you will be better equipped to investigate and monitor claims and to allocate appropriate staff and resources to their management.

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Step 3. Deter claim fraud by conducting risk intelligent Claims Orientation Interviews.  Using ForensIQ’s proprietary online Claims Orientation Interview tools you can deter potential fraud even after fraud risk is identified.   These innovative tools enable you to structure and document Claims Orientation Interviews in real-time.

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Step 4. Detect claim fraud in cases where it has not successfully been deterred. For those Workers that remain undeterred and decide to attempt to defraud, ForensIQ Risk Intelligence has the solutions.  Surveillance Triage and Surveillance Brokerage services will help you to detect claim fraud should it occur.

ForensIQ Risk Intelligence Empowers You To:
  1. Actively manage Workers’ Compensation claim fraud risk
  2. Reduce Workers’ Compensation claims duration and costs
  3. Reduce Workers’ Compensation premiums
  4. Reduce overtime, recruiting, training, lost productivity and other indirect costs 
  5. Protect your investments in Health & Safety and Claims Management.