Our Team

Dave Chittick   
President – Alberta Special Constable & WCB Special Investigator (retired) – Licensed Private Investigator (retired)

After Graduating from the University of Calgary with a BA in History in 1997, Dave worked in the construction industry before beginning his career as a Claims Adjudicator with WCB-Alberta in 1988. Between 1988 and 1993 Dave worked as a Claims Adjudicator, Claims Counsellor and Claims Investigator.

In 1993 Dave moved into the Employer Services division to work in the newly created position of Industry Coordinator. As an Industry Coordinator Dave was assigned to a small project team that developed WCB-Alberta’s Post Injury Loss Reduction (PILR) program. PILR was a revolutionary service that engaged WCB-Alberta with Alberta employers as never before. Services included a first of its kind, employer Claims Management Program Audit, a two-day employer Claims Management Training seminar and employer Consulting Services. After serving as one of the principle authors of the Claims Management Program Audit protocol Dave became an audit specialist conducting dozens of audits for organizations including Lilydale Poultry, Precision Drilling and the Foothills Hospital to name a few. When the WCB-Alberta chose to undergo an audit to look for ways to improve its own Claims Management Program, Dave was selected to perform and deliver the audit findings to the WCB’s Strategic Management Counsel.

In 1997, Dave moved from the Employer Services division into Legal Services where he returned to the field of Claims Investigations. A year later, in 1998 he became the only WCB-Alberta internal hire into the position of Special (Fraud) Investigator. After successfully completing studies at the Alberta Police College, Dave was appointed a Special Constable for the purposes of enforcement of the Criminal Code of Canada and the Workers’ Compensation Act of Alberta in matters relating to fraud. Between 1998 and 2004, 100% of the cases where Dave laid criminal charges resulted in a guilty plea or a finding of guilt at trial. 

In 2004, with a proven track record as a skilled investigator, Dave was offered an opportunity to work under contract to the Missing Children Society of Canada (MCSC). Between 2004 and 2009 Dave investigated and resolved a number of high profile parental abduction, runaway and mysterious disappearance cases on behalf of the MCSC.  In addition to his work with the MCSC, Dave also obtained a Private Investigations agency license and owned and operated Align Group Inc., a private investigations firm. One of the services provided by Align Group was mobile, covert surveillance investigation. Between 2004 and 2009 Align Group carried out more than 150 surveillance investigations for WCB-Alberta under Dave’s direct supervision.

Dave returned to this role of Special Investigator with WCB-Alberta in 2009, and remained there, conducting fraud investigations until he departed the board in 2019.

Conor Tapp
Marketing and Brand Development

Conor rhymes with Donor. Leading development teams for nearly twenty years, Conor is an award-winning storyteller. He builds engagement programs, from entry points through full life cycles, that include touch points reflecting consumer trends and preferences. Learn more about Conor at his LinkedIn profile.