Surveillance Brokerage

Once you have decided to proceed with placing a worker under surveillance… what’s next?  The contracting and management of a private investigator can be a daunting proposition if you have never done it before.  Who do you hire? How do you instruct them? What should you expect from them during the course of the investigation and at its conclusion?  What should it cost? You will need to answer all of these questions and more as you proceed. Moreover you will need to be available during the time that the surveillance investigation is ongoing to receive updates, answer questions that the investigator might have and to provide direction.

If all of this seems like it is more than you are prepared for, ForensIQ Risk Intelligence has the solution with  Surveillance Brokerage (where available). By using our Surveillance Brokerage services  you can stay focussed on your regular work while we professionally manage the contracting and directing of surveillance investigations.

At ForensIQ we only work with licensed, pre-qualified private investigation firms that are familiar with the expectations of the workers’ compensations providers in the jurisdictions where they operate.  We only use the services of providers with multiple surveillance investigators reducing delays in getting started with your surveillance request and allowing for the assignment of multiple investigators if circumstances call for it. With ForensIQ’s Surveillance Brokerage you get  professionally managed surveillance investigations without any of the headaches associated with contracting and managing the investigative process.

To speak to us about Surveillance Brokerage please fill out the contact form.  We will respond to you by telephone within 24 hours to discuss your request.