Schedule Your Free ForensIQ Scout Demonstration

ForensIQ Scout is the only online predictive analytics application that can help you understand the relative fraud risk presented by Workers’ Compensation claims. By possessing this information you can take steps to mitigate the risk of fraud and impact a claims duration and costs.

Your FREE demonstration will introduce you to ForensIQ Scout’s capabilities. You and a ForensIQ claims fraud specialist will analyze an actual claim from your business, shining a light on the various factors that can impact your risk exposure.

Please have information about an injury claim, current or past, for the ForensIQ Scout Predictive Analytics Application to analyze, including:

  • Information about how and when the injury occurred, and when it was reported
  • Information about the nature and severity of the injury
  • information about your company Modified Duties Program (if you have one)
  • Information about the injured worker, both inside and outside of the workplace

The demonstration will take up to 60 minutes, including plenty of time for questions. At the end of the call, you will receive a complementary ForensIQ Scout report with the results of the risk analysis.